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Owned and operated by the Sykora Family, adjacent to Sykora Family Ford. Our automotive paint and body shop is a state of the art facility that can paint and repair almost any vehicle. Our “green” body shop is also environmentally-friendly because we use a special waterborne paint (more on that below).

Here is what you can expect and receive from the Sykora Family Body Shop

Trust: We have been doing business in west for 30 years. Our business was founded by Ed Sykora, and is still family run today by four of his sons. They promise to deal with you like you were a member of the family.

Fair Estimate Up Front: Nothing hidden, no added charges later on. Everything explained up front. The figure we quote you up front is the price you will pay when we’re through.

Understand What’s Going On: When we repair your car in our body shop, we explain everything that’s going to be done and how long it will take. You will never feel uninformed, and you will know what’s happening at all times (if you want to).


Warranty: Our DuPont Cromax waterborne paint carries a complete LIFETIME guarantee! We also have a full satisfaction guarantee of all our work, backed up by the Sykora Family. (See the Body Shop guys for complete details)

Insurance Acceptance: We work with ALL major insurance companies and accept ALL major insurance coverage. We also work with each company so that you have to do as little work, and have as little contact with the insurance company as is necessary.

Did you know? Texas law states that while insurance companies can give you a list of “preferred” repair shops, they CANNOT require you to use a particular repair shop. You have the right to choose the body shop where your car repair is done.

Rental Cars: The Sykora Family Body Shop offers rental car service to our customers.

Environmentally Friendly: We are proudly green, and currently the only body shop in the Waco, Texas area using a waterborne paint system. We use DuPont Cromax waterborne paint which is better for the environment than solvent-based paints. It also has a better color match than solvent-based paints! If you would like more information check out this article from our blog: Why Use Waterborne Paint?


Our Parts: We have access to OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts. We also have a special price-matching program that allows us to match OEM parts with after-market part prices! You get the quality parts and save money at the same time!